bt-blue.gif (898 bytes) PHONE DIRECTORIES
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Free Messaging!
Free Worldwide Messaging.

Free Messaging Gateways:

flag-de.gif (852 bytes)       Flag

bt1g.gif (862 bytes)  AT&T free messaging gateway.
bt1g.gif (862 bytes) rogers  Canadian Messaging, Rogers, 123 char. 
bt1g.gif (862 bytes) messaging
bt1g.gif (862 bytes)   messaging, 280char. (click on "send a text message")

GSM worldwide:
bt1g.gif (862 bytes)    Worldwide GSM messaging, 2x 160 characters
bt1g.gif (862 bytes) Worldwide GSM messaging, around 140 char. quick, register
sms Worldwide 270 char. ( 41798888888 without+) "odoslat" = send
bt1g.gif (862 bytes) Worldwide 140 char. number as: 41791234567 (click on "SMS", send="posli")
(bt1g.gif (862 bytes) Worldwide GSM, around 135 char.)

GSM regional nets:
bt1g.gif (862 bytes) Western Europe, most EU countries
bt1g.gif (862 bytes)  Swiss GSM gateway, 160 char.
sms Russian GSM nets
sms  SMS, Italy only
sms  SMS, France only
sms  German GSM nets

LOVE-1A.GIF (20875 bytes)   CASI-1A.GIF (14484 bytes)   MAXI-1A.GIF (8943 bytes)



Most messaging systems have a limit on the number of characters you can send. To write the most in the limited space we recommend to capitalize every second word, and write the words withous spaces. That way you save space and the text is still legible. Example: